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Our Story

InnovaShelf began in 2017, nestled in the scenic rolling hills of southern Indiana. Based on requests from cabinet dealers for a better floating shelf bracket, we began researching for an innovative solution. We soon struck on a new concept, which allowed quick installation and easy adjustments while maintaining a classic floating look. We then developed the easily adjustable design into multiple versions for a wide range of applications. Today, the innovation behind these brackets is quickly becoming the new industry standard for floating shelf hardware.

After refining the brackets, we also realized the need for quality shelving to match the hardware. So we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. Complementing our brackets, all our shelves evidence years of woodworking and finishing experience. Our Reproduction Live Edge shelves have an authentic appearance without the liabilities of a traditional live edge, and our Contempo shelves are miter-locked for seamless corners and superior durability. Every step of the process—from concept to creation—happens on family farms in the Indiana countryside.

We build with high-quality materials and use cutting-edge technology to ensure that the quality is repeatable—bracket after bracket and shelf after shelf. During the production process, parts are cut or milled to tight tolerances using specialized equipment, then visually inspected for quality and accuracy. We want to ensure that your shelves remain level and durable no matter what. We also utilize premium stains and varnishes to ensure a smooth, silky, and long-lasting finish on every shelf. From crafting hardware to staining our shelves, our processes guarantee you get a premium quality product—a distinct accent for your home that lasts a lifetime.
I am cabinet builder and have installed floating shelves with 6-10 different brackets and this is the best by far.
-Jim M.